Canada's Farm Progress Show Stories

Canada's Farm Progress Show Stories

Something I Always Look Forward To

- James Gooseen

My family and I have attended Canada’s Farm Progress Show all forty years. I was so dedicated to attending the first farm show that my wife and I travelled from our home of Swan River, Manitoba with our two month old son. I remember being very impressed with the first farm show back in 1978 and am always amazed by how the show grows and develops every year.

As June approaches, we work long hours on the farm to get all of the spraying completed in order to make the drive to Regina. I look forward to it every year and I use the show as a motivation to get the chores done.

My favourite part about attending Canada’s Farm Progress Show all these years is the friends that I’ve made and the new ones I make every year. I love visiting with attendees and exhibitors, seeing new innovations and watching the parade. I always come for all three days of the show, and have trouble seeing everything with how big the show has become.

My family and I go to a number of farming shows throughout North America and Canada’s Farm Progress Show is by the far the best I have ever been to. With all the new additions, the growth that has occurred throughout its 40 years and the people that I meet every year it is something that I always look forward to.